The Importance of a Network Design Plan

The Importance of a Network Design Plan

When start-ups or expanding businesses map out a network for their business, it’s common to have the tendency to take a shortcut or skip the planning phase in the attempt to get it online immediately. It’s best to note that all networks with impressive security come from impressive network design plans, and not just an after-thought. You can easily make out a well-thought-out network design from that of being pieced together in sections over time. Networks that started with network design plans are always far better and here’s when the results are evident:

Efficient Network Performance

Good networks work fast and smooth. And, with a plan that comes before it is allowed, you can be assured that your network is running with a consistent high level of performance. It is very much evident in the application response time and the degree of reaction times across computers in your network when you can have a good network design plan to begin with.

Allows Resilience

Your business’ network should have a good platform for your business or office applications. The primary and highly specified network should be designed to have zero downtime for critical business operations or necessary applications and run at 99% availability for other applications. A well-designed network design plan can make sure a network – where there’s an infraction among the steps of the process – does not lead to the loss of an entire client-server session.

Makes Room for Scalability

Good network design plans consider possible changes that may occur in your business without the need for a total redesign. Take note of additional computers, possible required office applications, and an increase number of users when starting out with a plan, and if the time comes when your business expands, then you won’t have to go back to step one all over again.

Work Collaboration Made Easier

Your team is only as effective as the IT resources and network they’re using every day. To get the most out of the work performance, you need to invest in a properly laid out network infrastructure. File collaboration, file sharing, real-time update of collective efforts, and other internal tasks should be made easier and more efficient. When the need to work outside the office premise comes, your network design should also be able to address this situation.

Speed Increase

When the network is suitably designed to the nature of your business, the effect is immediate. It is evident in fast communication, flow, and smooth transactions. In other words, speed becomes an ally. And when this happens, productivity follows suit.

Once you have considered all the points above and you’re ready to execute your network design plan, you can finally proceed to get it up and running online. For fast, reliable Internet connectivity, there’s always Fiber Optics, and Nexus-net offers complete fiber optic services from planning and installation to maintenance. Our Certified Fiber Optic Technicians have extensive knowledge in Fiber Internet connectivity.

Given the technological advance of the nature of computer networks, it’s easy to be under the impression that simply maintaining and developing these would be difficult enough. However, companies are, in a way, also regularly facing on-going struggles in fighting against threatening and damaging software such as viruses, malware, and worms. Computer networking has enabled a lot of people to work while on the move, and work from home more effectively than it has ever been possible before.

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