5 Requisites in Designing Your Computer Network

5 Requisites in Designing Your Computer Network

There are no shortcuts to success, as well as to a computer network.

Designing a computer network is sure to be a nerve-shredding task, yet there are specific things that could increase efficiency in the process. Right off the bat, you should know whom you’re designing the network for – what are their needs and desires.

By building a network, you are making an easy communications link between your business computers and your employees. It impacts your business’ productivity. A good networking system in a business is a competitive key to profitability.

In this post, you will be taught about the 5 requisites in designing your computer network.


Your budget is the most practical factor in your network undertakings. You can’t design a bodacious network without realizing its cost and your business’ financial capacity. An acceptable budget sure increases the efficiency in the process.

Make a good accounting for all that needs to obtain and trading of quality for cost, where you can and where you shouldn’t. This requires some great research and consultation.


The network design must consider extension sooner rather than later. You need to keep the future of your network. Your environment will grow as your business prerequisites will change after some time.

A foresight of how many systems you’ll potentially add to your network in the next 6 months or year enables you to determine the kind of network cable or router you will need.


Bandwidth capacity depicts the maximum data exchange rate of a network or Internet connection. It measures how much information can be sent over a particular connection in a given measure of time, such as Megabits Per Second (Mbps) or Gigabits Per Second (Gbps).

A good bandwidth that suits your day-to-day needs can take the traffic load. You don’t need a zombie-like network, which then smashes your deadlines. Take a good account of the numbers of your users; this will help you decide on your bandwidth and the minimum requirement.


System information security ought to be prioritized when considering a network setup due to increasing threat of hackers or intruders attempting to steal and infect as many systems as they can. A good firewall is essential for this situation and an antivirus to fight cyber threats is also imperative.


The vital thing in a network is standardization. Abiding the standards will make sure your network will run smoothly. Additionally, it also reduces costs of support, updates, and repairs. Full inspection and audit of your computer systems and peripherals must be conducted by an Optic Network Design Specialist who will help in determining which ones should be standardized.

You Can Always Find Help

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