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• Ultrafast splicing time of 6 seconds
• With replaceable all-in-one fixture, applies to a variety of optical fiber type (250um, 900um, 3.0mm, indoor fiber)
• With 4.3″ high-definition touch display screen, humanized operation intece, rapid optimization menu, can be two-way operated
• Automatic splicing, automatic heating, supporting hot melt head splicing
• USB intece provided, for convenient upgrade and data transmission
• The traditional design of wind cap reflector is canceled, the design is more compact, with lower failure rate
• The charger and battery are combined, normal charging splicing can be conducted without impacting the operation
• The high-definition LCD panel is with self-provided engineering plastic protective layer, not easily damaged
• The electrode bar and cleaver blade are replaceable with the mainstream fusion splicers and cleavers
• In small size, equipped with a super-small portable box
• Dustproof, waterproof, wind resistant, resistance to fall off
• With two-year warranty, worry-free to use

Splicing method Adjustable core clad alignment (four-motor)
Actual average loss (<) SM(0.015dB) | MM(0.01dB) | DS(0.05dB) | NZDS(0.05dB) | G.657(0.02dB)
Types of applicable optical fiber SM(ITU-TU.652/657),MM(ITU-TU.651),DS((ITU-TU.653),NZDS(ITU-TU.6565),G657A,G657B 0.25mm,0.9mm,2.0mm,2.4mm,3.0mm,Indoor Cable
Boot time 9S only
Splice time Typical splicing time 6S
Cleaving length Optical fiber diameter 250um -1000um coating layer (the cleaving length is 10-16mm)
Coating diameter 100-3000um
Cladding diameter 80-150um
Heating period Typical heating time 20S (fastest 15S)
Heating mode With various built-in heating modes (40mm, 60mm, hot melt head connector)
Estimated splice loss Available
Attenuationfusion Available
Electrode lifespan Electric discharge > 5,500 times
Storage function of splicing results 10,000 latest records and image can be stored
Port Standard Micro USB intece provided
Battery capacity 3800mAh weldable heating 220-core
Charging time 3 hours
Tension test 1.96-2.25N
Return loss 》65dB
Power supply AC power 100-240V, DC power 12.6V/1.8A
Monitor 4.3" color LCD touch screen
Camera 2 CCD camera system
Optical fiber display X axis and Y axis separate or X/Y simultaneous display, with the display mode of 7 kinds of fusion image
Optical fiber amplification and display The magnification can be 300/130 times
Hot melt head compatible Nice compatibility, the optical fiber fixture and heater are both with hot melt head fusion accessoriesWeight
Weight 1.49kg battery included
Dimensions 134 x 137 x 127mm
Operating conditions Elevation 0-5000 m, temperature -30~50℃, relative humidity 0~95%
Storage conditions Temperature -40 to 80℃, relative humidity 0~95%, battery -20~30℃
High precision optical fiber cleaver Hexagon wrench
Cleaver pouch Power adapter
Battery pack AC power cord
Extra electrodes Shoulder strap
Cooling tray Carrying case key
Carrying strap Carrying case