Should You Get Fiber Optic Broadband?

Should You Get Fiber Optic Broadband?

If you’re looking for fast and reliable Internet, then you’re probably one of those scouring ISPs in search of fiber optic broadband. But, what is fiber optic Internet anyway?

If you’re interested in getting high speed internet, this article is definitely for you.

Fiber Optic Broadband, What Is It Anyway?

It is the latest stage in the evolution of broadband technology. Fiber optic broadband promises super speeds to suit all your Internet needs. It uses cables made of glass, which transfers data faster as compared to the usual copper cables that we have for regular broadband.

Aside from this, it’s basically similar to the usual broadband connections offered by ISPs, only faster. Also there’s no need to set up or install any complicated gadget or device to get started.

Is It Really as Fast as It Claims to Be?

The most visible edge of fiber optic broadband is that it comes in really high speeds, giving you the ability to enjoy video streaming and gaming like never before.

Do I Actually Need It?

It still depends on how many people will hook up to your Internet connection and what they will do with it. Budget also comes into the equation. So, if you’re aiming to save money, you still have options to choose other services.

If you’re into really heavy Internet use, are a work from home professional, or into hardcore gaming, video streaming or in a job that requires downloading huge files, then subscribing to fiber optic broadband is surely a good choice.

Is It Expensive?

The same as anything you buy in the market, you’ll need to spend and should be willing to shell out a large amount for something with superior quality. But good for us, the price of fiber optic broadband has gone down considerably with ISPs PLDT, Globe and Converge fighting for more subscribers. But, compared with the regular broadband Internet services, it’s still leaning towards the pricey side.

The prices will still depend on the speeds you will get. You can, however, look into the really attractive package deals offered by the likes of PLDT and Globe, which merge your telephone and internet bill into an easy monthly payment.

How Is It Installed?

The installation of fiber optic cables might not be a playing field for non-professionals like us, and installation may take a longer time compared to copper, but there are certified fiber optic technicians who can do the job for you.

Some newly built condominiums are already ready for fiber optic cable installation. However, a huge percentage of homes require some work in order to enjoy fiber optic Internet. It might not be as expensive as before, but installation takes time.

As with any type of Internet service, these cons are negligible as the pros outweigh them. And, as the popularity of fiber optic Internet grows, it’s also likely that it will be easier to avail soon with more affordable prices. So, if you wish to enjoy the perks of high speed Internet through fiber optic broadband, feel free to contact your ISP.

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