Life Without the Internet: What’s It Like?

Life Without the Internet: What’s It Like?

The 2010s is a decade when we can have a Certified Fiber Optic Technician hook us up to high speed Internet and we can enjoy entertainment and communications fast – like never before! But, imagine how having no access to the Internet may affect you?

Well, apart from millenials crying because they can’t log into their Facebook accounts – we’ll be able to see how huge the Internet has created an impact to our lives.

Communicating Without the Internet

The communications industry depends on the Internet now more than ever before and it’s become probably the most important medium of 2000s communications. Without the Internet, our medium of communication will drastically change. Once again, writing letters will close the gap created by the absence of e-mails, private messages, and video conferencing.

The will be a resurgence in the use of postal mail and phone calls and the postal services and telecommunications industry will surely profit. What we’ll miss though, is how affordable communications over the Internet is.

The World Will Seem Slower Than Usual

As we have observed in the past few years, the Internet sped up the world and how we lived. We could find information fast, do business rapidly, and communicate with each other in a flash. So with the absence of the ever reliable Internet, the world would surely bog down. So would we – in business, in how we function as individuals, and how we communicate with each other. Having to adapt to this huge decline in processing speed would have a really huge impact in our business and personal lives that we’d wonder how we were actually able to survive the years prior to the Internet.

Business Without the Internet

A majority of our businesses nowadays have to rely on the Internet, whether it involves having an online e-store or just a simple Facebook fan page. What adverse effects could happen to businesses across the globe once the Internet goes down?

The impact on businesses that use the Internet would be huge and may result in bankruptcies and job loss for a lot of people.

However, local shops in your town and skills-based industries will flourish. Also, we’ll be able to support the local industry via trading.

So What Will Happen if the Internet Suddenly Disappears?

Above all, we have to always keep in mind where we were a few decades ago when we had no Internet. The Internet took us forward so rapidly that, in the 21st century, we paved milestones in the ways we socialised, bought products, and do our businesses.

It opened the doors to the future and still has many exciting things ahead of it that we are still yet to uncover. As we see that the downfall of the Internet is probably something that will never happen, I’m pretty sure that if it does, we humans gifted with intelligence and ingenuity will surely be able to find ways to survive without it.

Maybe some of us, like the younger set of millenials, may experience huge challenges and won’t comprehend what is happening. But, for a lot of us who have been around for a while, life goes on, as we did in the past.

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