What is FOA and What Does It Mean to be Accredited by It?

What is FOA and What Does It Mean to be Accredited by It?

Trainings and certification for being an Accredited Fiber Optic Technician are processes that are governed by proper standards to answer the market’s fast-changing needs and demand. Here in the Philippines, there are only two companies which are accredited to conduct trainings and certifications of individuals who want to become a CFOT or Certified Fiber Optic Technician and are authorized to issue a certificate for it. Nexus-net. is one of the two companies which are Fiber Optic Association-approved. Fiber Optic Association (FOA) sets the international standard in the world of fiber optics, hence, make sure that the institution or company you choose is on the FOA-approved.org. list.

It is not just an Organization.

The Fiber Optic Association (FOA) is not just your typical organization. It serves as the international standard, like the elites in the world of fiber optics. Having the FOA certification is widely considered or is the proof of being professional and well-equipped on the field of fiber optic. So, having a certificate with FOA seal on it is the same as having a one-way ticket to (IT)heaven.

Benefits of Having the FOA Certification.

Unlike any other program, the benefits to the members who would pass the certification test are based on the recognition of achieving a level of competence in the fiber optic field. If you happen to be looking for a trusted and legit fiber optic technician, just look for the FOA certificate that says they completed the training and is certified to be a fiber optic technician. The certificate is enough proof for you to trust the person. Also, for those vendors and providers of fiber optic products and services, they technically offer a qualified pool of employees and technicians in the installation and termination of their products. This means more jobs for certified fiber optic technicians. Additionally, it clearly shows that certifications specifically lead to higher salary and faster career development.

Complement with other Organizations.

A common question which is frequently asked is how FOA relates to other organizations, but it can be explained very simply. That is, Fiber Optic Association is a technology-based professional society which is used in many diverse applications represented by other organizations. Most of the time, those organizations recognize FOA’s certifications and members to help develop their skills with respect to each uniqueness and specialties. That is how the FOA perfectly complements with other organizations.

Importance of FOA Accreditation

Consider yourself as an expert in your field if you are FOA accredited and certified fiber optic technician. It means that you have passed the international standard of being a fiber optic technician and you have the capability to bring the best to satisfy the customers’ need. You are also included in a pool of professionals who will be handpicked to acquire your services in the field of fiber optics.

Possible Companies and Institution to have your training and certificate.

FOA provides accreditation to those institutions that are fully equipped with the requirements and standards of the FOA such as the Certified Fiber Optic Instructor (CFOI) which is one of the most important factors if a certain institution would pass to FOA standards. Nexus-net has one of the best CFOI and a Master Instructor for inside plant practices named Mr. Anders Fleisher, that has over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry with expertise in designing and implementing Fiber to the Home, structured cabling and cloud computing. Choosing Nexus-net as the one to give you the training and the certification is the best choice for the development of your skills and the future of your career.

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