What can a Fiber Optic Leased Line do for your Business

What can a Fiber Optic Leased Line do for your Business

Do you want to share your Internet Connection with massive subscribers? Subscribers who download files and stream videos that slows you down Well, the majority is indifferent about going there. So, if you’re in the same perspective as them, Fiber Optic Leased Line is the best option to pick.

In this post, we will define some principles of Fiber Optic Technology and the reasons to consider why to use Fiber Optic leased line in your business internet connections.

What is Leased Line?

Leased Line is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth, symmetric data connection. This means your connection is only exclusive to you and will not be interfered by other subscribers. This can be used by the internet cafes, business companies, corporate office, BPO’s etc. Any other place that needs an interrupted internet service is where the leased line must be used.

What is Fiber Optics?

Fiber optic communication is a network connectivity used in telecommunications to transfer information over long distances via pulses of light that travel through an optical fiber.

It is used to transmit telephone and cable television signals, and internet communication. According to a study at a fiber optics course Cebu, fiber optic has reached internet speeds of over 100 petabits kilometer per second.

Fiber Optic Leased Line has many benefits in your business processes and communications.

Connection Speed

Leased Line speeds can range from 2Mbps to as much 10Gbps. It has identical download and upload speeds mean that whether you download or upload data, the speed at which you are able to do so will be the same.

More Reliable

A leased line—more often than not—is with Service Level Agreements as the providers can track and retain the line themselves to ensure a certain level of service. If guarantees are not delivered as promised, the provider faces financial penalties usually called service credits.

Private and Secured

The connection is just for you. Leased lines are the ideal for businesses or organizations that deal confidential client information such as those in the finance services industry.

Easy Accessibility

If your business has many different sites or offices that are geographically scattered, a leased line can be used for communicating between sites through the internet that is continuously up around the clock. This could help to reduce delay with which different parts of your business can interact.

Flexible Connection

Leased Line have various communication forms such as VPN access, phone calls, and internet traffic all in one and how the bandwidth is allocated is up to you.

Higher Bandwidth

Having greater than 8 Mbps, a leased line is always the best choice for companies having hundreds of internet users.

Full Support

Leased line providers are very accessible. Receive 24/7 business phone support and talk straight away. As the direct provider of your line, they can resolve any problems quickly.

For better business communications, Fiber Leased Line offers you a lot. It may cost more than ADSL connections, but the more secure and reliable connection is worth the price.

Now is the time for you to upgrade. What do you think?

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