The Effects of Increased Bandwidth on your Fiber Network

The Effects of Increased Bandwidth on your Fiber Network

As more and more advancements in technology emerged over the years, the internet connection has slowly become one of the daily necessities of most individuals. If you take a look at the business organizations today, you’ll see that the majority of them installed fiber optics in their business sites with the help of certified fiber optic technicians. In addition, the amount of information traveling across the internet has increased in number as time progresses. It is for this reason that the demand for higher bandwidth has turned more prevalent in the business world.

Before discussing the impact of higher bandwidth to the fiber optic network, it’s important to understand what bandwidth is.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the maximum data transfer rate across a given path. That said, the number of data that can pass through the network at a given amount of time may increase when the bandwidth increases. With higher bandwidth, end-users experience faster internet connection with low to zero latency.

Impact of Increased Bandwidth On the Network

At present, the optical fiber is the only medium of transmission that’s capable of accommodating the surging growth of traveling information. Fiber optics offer increased bandwidth to its users. Because of this, the fiber optic network’s popularity among business owners skyrocketed throughout the years. To explain further regarding the impact of higher bandwidth on your fiber network, here are three major network parts that you need to understand.

The Access Network

The access network enables individuals or organizations to connect their devices to the global network. With the higher bandwidth that it gives, more and more people avail of it for their own benefit. Although there are some applications that don’t require high bandwidth, people still prefer to acquire a fast internet connection for better user experience. In fact, internet speed has made an impact on a lot of people’s decisions—it has become a basis on their preference regarding where they should live or where they should spend their vacation.

The Data Center

It is undeniable that the demand for data storage is growing over time. The videos that are being streamed or downloaded all over the world is being stored somewhere. And every day, the social networking sites that most people make use of are storing data as well. That said, the information that travels across networks have been moving back and forth daily between the user and the data center.

At present, around one-third of the traffic that leaves data centers are used to communicate with other data centers. Normally, this is performed by these centers to create backup copies of their clients’ data or to increase their efficiency in delivering data to the end-users.

For economists, it is ideal to have large data centers in certain areas. This is because of its ability to create multiple connections and to transmit signal at an average distance of fewer than 100 meters.

Long-Haul and Metro Networks

The ones that are responsible for transporting information between the data sources and users are the long-haul and metro networks. And in order to avoid creating a bottleneck in this portion of the network, it is necessary for internet service providers to offer enough bandwidth. Higher bandwidth allows service providers to improve the movement of information within the end-users’ networks.

Every year, 25% of the network traffic on each optical fiber is growing rapidly. Because of this, it is anticipated by experts that the fiber traffic worldwide is expected to double every 3 years. With that said, it is a prevailing challenge among business owners to make sure that the single mode optical fiber they are using will have the information-carrying capacity necessary. That way they’ll be able to ensure that it is capable to accommodate the future network traffic.

The Benefits of High Bandwidth in Businesses

Without any doubt, the end-users’ network experience can differ depending on their bandwidth’s capabilities. It is for this reason that more and more business owners prefer to have a fiber optic network installed on their business establishment. Fiber optics is usually recommended by accredited fiber optic technicians because of its promising capability to provide higher bandwidth and lower latency. And in this day and age, it’s very crucial for businesses to have high bandwidth in their business establishments if they want to thrive.

Here are the business perks that higher bandwidth can give to companies:

Faster Application Performance

Over the years, the demand for faster services became prevalent in the business world. Because of this, it became a challenge for business owners to keep up with their customers’ needs. At present, there are several methods owners can apply to improve their business’ services—one of them is by providing applications with faster performance.

With higher bandwidth, companies are able to improve their company website’s responsiveness. And with that, they allow their users to experience their application at an optimal level of effectivity and efficiency.

Increased User Interactivity

If you want to have loyal customers that visit your company’s website regularly, it’s important that you entice them to interact with it again and again. And the best way to increase your website’s interactivity is by using higher bandwidth in your company. With it, businesses are able to deliver enhanced user experience to the customers using their network. Moreover, it also helps in simplifying the upload and download of contents such as videos and photos.

Interactive websites tend to make it easier for end-users to connect to the site. Hence, it has been a great aid for several business organizations that utilize the digital platform in the business world.

Better Data Transfer Capability

Other than faster application performance and increased user interactivity, high bandwidth also allows users to experience better data transfer capabilities. As mentioned earlier, higher bandwidth enables end-users to download and upload more data to your website. That said, the right amount of bandwidth can certainly help business organizations to transfer data conveniently in its top speed.

Enablement for More Simultaneous Visitors

When you take a look at the companies that have higher bandwidth today, you’ll be able to see that they are all capable to accommodate multiple website visitors at the same time. And the more traffic your website can deal with, the more profit you can get from it.

High-quality internet connections enable business owners to handle and serve more visitors. With this, they are able to increase their company’s income and acquire happier customers. For this reason, it’s important to see to it that you make use of high bandwidth in your business establishment.

Reduced Crashes and Bounces

The last thing customers want to feel when they’re availing of your company’s services is frustration. That’s why it’s important to eliminate the inconvenience of website crashes as end-users visit your website. By doing this, you’ll be able to reduce the number of bounces your website gets on a daily basis.

When your customers fail to access your website on their own timeframe, they tend to lose interest on your company quickly. For this reason, it’s essential that you make use of high bandwidth in your business so that you can ensure your websites deliver a smoother user experience to your customers.

Supported Multiple Concurrent Sessions

In this day and age, it is common for most individuals to multitask while they’re working on their computers. With low bandwidth, multitasking can cause applications to run in a sluggish manner. And this is the exact reason why experts encourage business owners to make use of fiber optic internet connection.

High bandwidth in your business establishment enables your employees to run multiple applications smoothly at the same time. With this, they are able to maximize their time and foster a culture of productivity in the office.

Improved Video Streaming

Nowadays, it is normal for end-users to stream for videos for work, school, or personal use. And one thing is for certain, no end-user wants to see the annoying circle throbber when they’re streaming a video. For this reason, experts recommend business establishments to make use of an internet connection with higher bandwidth. With the improved video streaming it provides, your organization can say goodbye to the irritating interruptions and focus more on the videos’ content.

Better Platform for Communications

Aside from the ones mentioned above, high bandwidth in businesses also enable them to utilize advanced cloud telecommunications systems. These cloud-based phone systems enable business organizations to make use of mobile integration and conferencing capabilities. That said, companies with higher bandwidth are more capable to acquire a better platform for communications.

Greater Company Online Profile

Because of the prevalence of technology in the business world, it became a necessity for companies to invest time and resources on generating well-designed websites. Through that, businesses were able to establish their online presence and make use of the digital platform to sell their products and services.

High bandwidth helps business organizations to upload their multimedia content without problem. And with that, they are given the ability to generate a better online profile for their company.

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