The Beginner’s Guide to Google Fiber

The Beginner’s Guide to Google Fiber

If you live in the States, Google Fiber offers broadband Internet service that uses fiber optic cables to bring high-speed Internet to homes and business establishments. Fiber optic cables bring information with the use of light, which allows for better speed, as compared to copper cable, dial-up, and DSL connections.

Aside from providing connection to homes and infrastructure, where the glass cables are run from a central hub into a client’s home or business, Google Fiber also provides a wireless service dubbed as Webpass. Webpass, which merged with Google Fiber in the last quarter of 2016, can be harnessed to give you gigabit speed Internet without the need of wires for residential buildings with multiple tenants.

Who Will Benefit From Google Fiber?

For starters, Internet users who are upset with their current ISP’s Internet connectivity can take advantage of Google Fiber. The opportunity to enjoy higher speeds has excited Internet customers across the planet, so much so that a huge number of TechRepublic readers have been urging Google Fiber to come to their country.

Google Fiber excites the business sector as well, by opening new doors for innovation that could be boosted by rapid Internet speeds. In a fast-paced world where almost every business functions in an online battlefield, gigabit speed connections could help level the playing ground for new businesses and start-ups.

When Will Google Fiber Be Available?

The first city to enjoy Google Fiber service was Kansas City, Kansas, where the service was launched in July 2012. In April 2013, cities in Texas and Utah started to enjoy high speed Internet from Google Fiber too.

While the evolution of Google Fiber seems to happen at a very quick pace, they seemed to plateau back in 2016. New clients were taking a long time to have the services connected. And, in the fourth quarter of 2016, Google Fiber stated that its CEO has decided to retire and blueprints for new Fiber cities will be delayed at the time.

How Can We Get Google Fiber

To be able to enjoy the consumer services of Google Fiber, you must be located in a Google Fiber city. Google Fiber isn’t available yet in the Philippines. But, who knows? Sooner or later, we might be able to experience its availability. If you’re based in the US, you can check if Google Fiber is available in your area by going to the Google Fiber website. The next step is to hit the “Check Eligibility” button and then enter your home or business address.

If you are currently located in a potential Google Fiber area, but you are not yet ready to switch to a different Internet service provider, always check with your Internet provider and a certified fiber optic technician. Ask them if they have increased your Internet speed and to check if your hardware is compatible to use Google Fiber.

Start-ups and new businesses can check if they can avail of the service by visiting the Google Fiber for Small Business page.

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