Why Should Pinoys Choose Fiber Internet

Why Should Pinoys Choose Fiber Internet

As of late, the speed of Internet connection in the Philippines has really improved, with a lot of users opting to have Internet connection installed in their homes. Telcos like PLDT – with their certified fiber optic technicians – have started to improve the quality of their services by introducing fiber Internet to the country in the past decade.

As more and more places are getting connected to very fast internet, thanks to fiber optic technology, below are things that you’ll truly enjoy if you get connected:

Live in a Smart Home

Unlike in the past century, the idea of living in a smart building is no longer just a novel concept. Today, high-tech appliances and gadgets are being introduced in the Philippines. A lot of these really cool appliances can be controlled with a swipe of the fingertips using your smartphone or mobile device.

This really cool function is made possible with Internet; and, with fiber optic Internet, you can now control everything from your TV to your washing machine using just your smartphone.

Watch Your Favourite TV Shows Online

Are you excited to watch GOT Season 7? Well, enjoy! With the popularity of video streaming sites like Netflix, you are entitled to a lot more entertainment options, aside from cable TV and going to the local theater. Now, rather than waiting for new episodes, you can just head over to these sites, choose from a wide array of titles, sit back, enjoy, and watch your fave shows in HD.

With fiber optic internet technology, you’ll be able to view each episode of your favorite TV shows and movies without backlogs. Now that’s what I call total TV entertainment.

Be Able to Multi-Task

In this fast-paced world, we are not just doing one thing whenever we go online. While we are using the Internet, we are doing our jobs, watching YouTube videos, streaming music, and studying all at the same time. With your usual Internet connection, data eating stuff, such as video and music streaming, becomes such a total drag.

However, when you subscribe to or are using fiber optic internet, you’ll get to do your multitasking easier and faster!

Be Connected to More Than 2 Million Users in the Philippines

So what’s the real buzz going on with fiber Internet? Fiber optic cable Internet, or fiber optic technology, is at this moment the most rapid type of broadband technology. It gives you Internet so fast that, in the States, speeds can reach up to 1 gigabyte per second! Fiber has been here in the Philippines since the last decade, although only huge industries such as BPOs have been taking advantage of the powerful fast speeds fiber optic technology brings.

Recently, major telecommunications player PLDT has brought fiber optic internet to the Filipino home through PLDT Home Fibr.

With the extremely fast and affordable fiber optic broadband now available to more Filipinos, we can now expect to enjoy our favorite games, music, and movies, have our work in the office done easily, and stay connected to our friends and family faster and more conveniently!

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