What are the Key Differences Between Cloud Computing and a Data Center?

What are the Key Differences Between Cloud Computing and a Data Center?

A common question asked during fiber optic training is, “Are cloud computing and a data center different from each other?” Of course, a data center is needed for cloud computing and vice versa. However, there are differences between the two that we’ll discuss in this article.

So, What Is A Data Center? What Is Cloud Computing?

An in-house data center in an organization is run by IT employees whose job is to maintain and operate the system. Or it can be an offsite hub made of servers where data is stored.

When we talk about the cloud, we are referring to data that is stored in a remote platform, which is reliant on the Internet. And, instead of using a company’s in-house servers, the data is stored by a third-party organization that offers cloud computing services.

Which Is More Secure? A Data Center or Cloud Computing?

As mentioned above, the cloud is a third-party based form of computing. So, chances are, it may be less secure or needs more security work as compared to running a data center. In contrast to having a data center, where you have to look after your own security, you will be placing your data in the hands of a third-party provider who follow security procedures that may not be up to par with your security standards. If your data is placed on cloud platforms located in different data centers in numerous locations, each of these centers should also follow strict security measures.

If we are going to look at having your own data center, which is physically connected to a local network, you can make sure that only company-approved applications can access such data. This will make it easier to observe security measures. In cloud computing, anyone with the proper credentials can access your data — anytime, anywhere there is Internet.

Let’s Talk About Cost. Which Is More Expensive?

For start-ups and new businesses, cloud computing is a budget-friendly option compared with having an in-house data center. If you opt to have your own data center, you have to invest on your own infrastructure — which you’ll be responsible to maintain. Aside from that, a data center takes time to build before you can use it and can cost your business millions of Pesos just for maintenance and operation.

In contrast to a data center, cloud computing doesn’t require you to spend too much time and effort to access. Your cloud provider can offer you a range of budget-friendly subscription plans that you can choose from, which meets your needs and budget. Unlike data centers, which you have to build on the onset of your business, you can enjoy the services of cloud computing the moment you sign up.

Parting Words

Soon, cloud computing services will provide more attractive and convenient services that suit your budget. It creates a cutting-edge way to store, access, and use data and encourages collaboration from different locations at a fraction of the cost. Looking forward, there’s so much improvement going on in the cloud that its future seems bright compared with in-house data centers.

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