Hotel Technology 2020: What will the hotel of the future be like?

Hotel Technology 2020: What will the hotel of the future be like?

Will customers in the future consider the hotel as their home? According to Amadeus’ study, the answer is yes. Modern customers are looking for an experience that really mirrors their home life.

A good network connection means a good customer feedback. Customers are chasing down for an instant and accessible information to feed their needs up. As a result, hoteliers are on the run on improving and upgrading their guest services and experiences through Information Technology.

Here’s what the future hotel is going to be like:

Smart Hotel

In smart hotels, services are streamlined through IoT or Internet of Things devices powered by AI software. It would build productivity and security, as an AI software could in a split second adjust with visitors’ cell phones or utilize facial acknowledgment, so there would be no requirement for formal identification or registration.

Self-Service Kiosks

A Self-service kiosk is a computer highlighting particular hardware and software that gives access to data and applications for information, commerce, communication, or instruction.

Self-service kiosk will let guests self-check-in and quickly get the room key without sitting tight in lines or for the lodging staff. For you, as a hotelier, this implies you get one more moment to show your services and upsell or strategically pitch, e.g. by offering paid upgrades, additional services and pleasantries or bundles with added value.

Converged Network Over Fiber

Fiber-optic line terminal can install in the main data room with the capacity in delivering over 500 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Optical Local Area Network (OLAN) design can merge the hotel’s voice, high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, smart TV, and security networks in just on fiber-based infrastructure.

THEFOA or The Fiber Optic Association strives to meet this demand in Hospitality Management by producing Certified Fiber Optic Technician, implementing various programs and guides in utilizing fiber technology.

Locatable and Accessible

The rising of AR or Augmented Reality as a location detector will make a difference in Hospitality in the year 2020. Amid Google I/O keynote toward the beginning of its engineer’s meeting, the organization exhibited the capacity to utilize AR with a specific end goal to navigate around a city by foot.

It utilizes a mix of the camera, Street View and visual location technology to know precisely where you are with the goal that when you hold up your telephone, you adequately see your directions floating ahead. Finding your ideal hotel will not be a problem.

Google Maps is likewise getting another tab called “For You” that will include suggestions particularly custom-made to you. Google is utilizing another “match number” framework, which will produce a personal score based on your past likes and reviews.

The Rise of Service Robots

Service robots that convey room benefit, clean your hotel room, or engage your children are winding up more typical – and they’ll turn out to be considerably more so in the year 2020.

Since robots are machines associated with larger IoT systems, they can fill in as information accumulation focuses as they cooperate with individuals or finish their tasks. It’s still early days in utilizing robots for data analytics, but the utilization of robot-produced information to enhance business procedures and ROI in the accommodation business has arrived.

Through Internet of Things as the backbone, there would be new inventions and things in the Hospitality Industry must look upon and experience.

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