Cool Hacks to Increase Internet Speed

Cool Hacks to Increase Internet Speed

Experiencing slow internet speed is such a sad affair. Just think about webpages loading at a glacial pace that makes your home-based writing job a total drag.

Slow internet speed hinders you from joining web seminars or live chats.

From getting the best ISP internet plan to ridding your computers of viruses, there are a number of things you can do to take internet speed to the next level.

Let’s check them out!

Subscribe to the best ISP plan money can buy

Truth be told, your best choice is to upgrade to fiber optic Broadband. Call your ISP and accredited fiber optic technician and ask if there are other service packages that better suit your online demands. Compare the packages from the ISPs before you call and inform your provider that you want the best speed that suits your budget.

Know your limits

If the plan you’ve subscribed is bound to a monthly data cap, you may experience lag once you go beyond it. If you experience a sudden drop of internet speed near your ISP’s billing cycle cut-off, see about increasing that limit. Or use the internet moderately so you can use the internet for more important tasks.

Check your hardware

What type of router do you have? If you have a wireless router with you, there will be more stuff you can do to boost internet speed. However, wireless routers can also lessen your bandwidth. Maybe it’s about time to shift to a wired connection that works faster in certain occasions.

Turn the router off, then turn it on for a quick reset

It may seem weird, but there are times when a simple reset could solve your internet speed concerns. Turn your router off then turn it back on.

Shift to another channel

If you are hooked to a wi-fi system, try shifting to a different channel. Follow the instructions provided on your router to make the big switch. Also, ensure that you aren’t trying to use your wi-fi router on a channel that is hooked to other devices which could lessen internet speed.

Get rid of those pesky viruses

While you’re inspecting for speed devouring apps, also do a quick virus-scan. Do a check up to ensure that malware isn’t eating up the bandwidth you rightfully own.

Make sure that your browser and toolbars are updated regularly

Browsers regularly come up with new versions. Get the browser that gives you the best performance for your needs to ensure that it’s always updated. Also, if you have those toolbars in your browser that you are not even using, discern whether or not you actually need them. Apps can sometimes pull you down, you know.

Forced upgrades may do wonders

Do you want high speed? Go for upgrades. If your router or computer are too oldskool for this age of video and movie streaming, then you can increase your overall speed and performance by doing an upgrade.

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