A Quick Review of PLDT’s Home Fibr

A Quick Review of PLDT’s Home Fibr

Since its launch, PLDT’s first consumer-grade high-bandwidth fiber service Home Fibr has been met with good reviews due to its price proposition. At the most basic non-capped subscription, PLDT Home Fibr costs only Php2899 monthly with landline included. This is a 50Mbps plan. In comparison, PLDT’s older Home DSL plans of the same price keeps the cost of the landline separate and has only been recently upgraded to provide higher bandwidth. Regardless, only up until now, the relatively priced Home DSL package is only capable of up to 10Mbps (now around 15Mbps). That said, 50Mbps is still a far cry from those DSL subscriptions, which has really pushed those who really need high-speed internet connection into signing up for PLDT Home Fibr.


The promo for 100mbps speed boost is effective and always guarantees a decent connection to almost any server in the world. This is a huge jump from the old internet service – a mix of Smart Canopy (now Home Bro), which has 2Mbps download tops and a Smart LTE connection, which averages around 10-16Mbps but is highly unreliable.

Some Technical Stuff

The PLDT Home Fibr service is an FTTH service. That means it utilizes fiber optic cables to deliver high-bandwidth connections to subscribers. The PLDT Home Fibr is a dynamic IP connection and PLDT provides a WIFI modem/router with the package. The included modem/router is configured as a router by default but you can request to set it to bridge during installation if you plan to use your own router. The service is installed by accredited fiber optic technicians.

The Bundle

Aside from the landline and modem/Wi-Fi router as well as free installation, at the very basic you have free subscriptions to iFlix and FOX network. iFlix may be accessed from the Android and Apple App Store, but is not available in Sony Playstation apps or most Smart TV apps (e.g. LG and Samsung).

Customer Service

PLDT offers customers various ways to reach them. Via landline is easily the most accessible with PLDT Home Fibr subscribers having access to PLDT Titanium Customer Care support, which is apparently their high-value customer support line. There is still some wait time but it’s definitely a far cry from 171, 172 and PLDT HOME Bro support.


PLDT HOME Fibr is definitely worth the price. The speed is superb, the support is good and the bundle is good. Relatively speaking some may say the price is higher than our SEA neighbors; but, barring that, this is the faster consumer-grade 50Mbps subscription one can get right now with synchronous speeds.

The people over at PLDT are really good and can set up connection in an hour.  They can set up the line straight to post, so your connection is a straight optic cable from the service post to the modem so you don’t get any loss.

To end this article, if you’re considering upgrade or are looking for a high-speed internet connection for your home or home office, PLDT HOME Fibr is a very good option. Overall, PLDT HOME Fibr for now is your best choice if you’re area is covered.

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