A Look at 2017 Trends for Fiber Optics Test Equipment

A Look at 2017 Trends for Fiber Optics Test Equipment

The use of fiber optics cabling has turned into a major factor in the data communications industry. With the huge improvement in network speeds and the growth of demands in terms of bandwidth, the use of fiber optic cabling has increased to avoid losses due to limitations.

In the past few years, fiber optic test equipment have been used by accredited fiber optic technicians to maintain and ensure the proper passage of light, which is a crucial factor in the fiber optic networks. This equipment also helps in fixing issues and often consists of testers that verify and certify certain aspects. These testers are utilized across different areas such as defense, telecom, oil and gas, etc. Also, the number of fiber cable network deployments is increasing due to the rise of higher data rates, as they allow you to do both the inspection and cleaning of the cables.

Opportunities and Challenges

The rising need for higher bandwidth is pushing the market forward for fiber optic test equipment in the past few years. In addition to this, most of the major drivers for fiber optic test equipment industry are factors such as the increased investment in fiber optic networks by the government; later developments of current fiber optics networks; and the dawn of advanced communication standards. In contrast to this, factors such as lack of knowledge and technical know-how of fiber optic test, as well as high costs, may serve as a major obstacle for the test equipment market.

The Different Segments

Fiber optic test equipment market may be classified based on product, application, type, and regions. Based on type, the fiber optic test equipment industry may be classed as bench top or portable.  On the other hand, the usage segment in the fiber optic test equipment market may include RND, care and installation, manufacturing, and others. The vertical sector of the market includes aerospace & defense, fuel, and commercial and residential telecommunications, etc.

By Location

The fiber optic test equipment market is most embraced in the Asia Pacific, especially in the Japanese region. Japan’s lead in the industry is due to the increased sales of smartphones and gaming, which opens an increased potential for growth of fiber-optic in the area, along with the boom in FTTH deployment in the East and Southeast Asian Region.

Also, the North American market is expected to rise at an influential rate, as compared to other regions in the fiber optic test equipment industry. it’s expected to see a boom in the future, due to the increased need of integrated test equipment. The Russian bloc, South America, and the Middle East will experience moderate growth in the market.


The leading players in the fiber optic test equipment market include top Japanese, Asian, European and American companies. Other players from emerging markets who are focused on organic and inorganic plans are also expected to strengthen their place in the growing fiber optics test equipment industry.

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