6 Times Fast Internet Has Changed the Way We Travel

6 Times Fast Internet Has Changed the Way We Travel

The world is moving and we are moving with it. Many people are travelling from one place to another more than ever and the number is not going to decrease anytime soon. Experts predict that in 10 years, the global population will take an estimated 2 billion international trips. The means to travel has advanced rapidly in a way that travelers – and those wanting to travel – are presented with so many options for convenience. The technologies run by the Internet are, indeed, changing the ways we travel and how we see our travel options. We can now travel faster, at the same time, have better accommodations with the help of tools and apps right at our fingertips. The way we travel have become immediate, seamless, and personalized.

We’ve summed up the most significant changes the Internet has enacted on our travels:

Internet Made Traveling Prompt and Eco-Friendly.

If you are mindful of it, you can now choose to do online reservations, mobile check-ins, and use e-tickets, which save heaps of paper. You don’t even have to worry about carrying numerous documents and that burden of losing them. We’re saying goodbye to old days when we have to print airline tickets or boarding passes or hotel reservations, and having to stay in line to get a ticket when time is ticking!

Internet Has Made Us More Informed and Updated in Real Time.

We’ve come to realize that chatbots are the ideal travel assistants. A lot of hotels and flight companies are starting to provide messaging options to their customers. That could be done either through text via their own apps or establishing their online presence on social media messaging channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Upping the ante, some integrate chatbots in their apps. With the use of artificial intelligence, travelers can now address their concerns via the chat interface and these chatbots can answer the most frequently asked questions. The hospitality industry can now provide guests with the right service at the right time.

Internet has Changed our Packing Routines.

In today’s time, technology online comes up with ways to help squeeze in the most functions and roles of almost everything into one tiny gadget. Gone were days when we had to pull out our iPods to listen to music. Now there’s Spotify or iTunes account so we can stream music on the go as long as there’s Internet. The same thing happened to books. Alternatively, we can now opt for Kindles instead of shoving books into our suitcases.

Internet Paved Way to Electronic Payments

With Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Wallet, making payments is now as easy as the touch of a button anytime, anywhere. It’s no longer necessary to carry a lot of cash and make yourself an inviting prey to thieves and robbers alike. Going cashless means you don’t have to worry about loss of cash or credit card fraud because that kind of problem can really cause a great inconvenience in our travels. Also, you no longer have to stay in line to withdraw through an ATM.

Internet Topples Down Language Barriers.

It was not that long ago when travelers have to drag with them phrasebooks in the language of the place they are going to. That has changed a lot now. Phrasebooks slowly turn obsolete.

With the rising of smartphones and the support of apps like Google Translate or iTranslate, the struggle and frustration of interacting with locals have finally come to an end. Google’s Translate app even went as extensive as enabling your smartphone camera to translate signboards or food meus for you in real time. A few apps even have a feature to improve your new language without having to spend money for a language class.

Internet Gives Us a More Personalized Unique User Experience.

Personalization or customization is a growing trend in the travel industry. Modern travelers – including millennials – go for a customized and unique experience. Because of technological advancement powered by the Internet, they can now find what they’re looking for straight away. Chatbots, niche websites, apps, blogs, and other services makes the impossible closer to possibility to finally achieve that ideal getaway we’ve always been dreaming of.

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