5 Customer-Pleasing Technologies Powered by Fiber Optics

5 Customer-Pleasing Technologies Powered by Fiber Optics

The current landscape of the telecommunications industry today has shifted into hyperdrive. It is all because of Fiber Optics, today’s widely used method of telecommunications by transmitting information from one place to another in form of light pulses going through a transparent fiber strand of either glass or plastic. From piping signals for telephone and cable television companies to distribution of video-on-demand to households everywhere, fiber optics is dominating and surely satisfying people around the world. In addition to that, people are strongly considering fiber optic technician training because jobs are opening all thanks to fiber optics.

As fiber optics grows continuously each year, technologies are also acclimating with it that are pleasing lots of people. Already used by a wide variety of technology, making life easier and faster seems like an understatement now. Of course, let us not forget the internet. How convenient it is having fiber optics to speed up our internet connections and helping us all in connecting with one another faster and clearer than ever. Other forms of technologies have incorporated fiber optics, and Fiber Optic Association Cebu has laid out five new members of the fiber optic community. Here they are:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is one of a kind technology. It can give you experience that you will enjoy the most since it can simulate something so real in just a not so small device. You can interact with it, explore and control the environment. By using virtual reality, it’s like you are taken to another dimension, and you’re completely immersed in a new simulation environment. Virtual Reality will also help you in your business. Through it, you can motivate customers to interact in a better way with a product/service your company is offering.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is said to be very useful soon, especially in businesses. It helps the business to have a lower operational cost while increasing productivity, efficiency, and expansion. It enables the business to expand its promotional campaigns across different platforms and accelerating the progress without falling behind. It can help you collect data to the cloud while loading it easily and analyzing that information. With the help of fiber optics, uploading files to the cloud will be much faster because of its large bandwidth.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the most important general technology in this generation, and it is still continuously developing. It is the machine’s ability to keep improving its performance without the help of a human being. It accomplishes tasks without getting tired unlike how humans are. Artificial intelligence will be very useful since we’re living in an era where machines are mostly involved. In the business world, artificial intelligence improves decision-making abilities through automation, it provides ardent and litigable responses to customers quickly that will eventually improve customer satisfaction and keep the customers coming back.

Big Data Analytics

A survey was conducted by Salesforce and it said that approximately 57% of the total consumers are willing to give their personal data to companies offering cloud who promised to give great offers and discounts. Since there are massive data inputs, it is a must to analyze these data carefully to deliver it to the customers and have a better experience. And what way to best deliver this service? Through fiber optics.


Sounds unfamiliar. Yes, it is, chatbots are the latest revolution in the business landscape. With this, businesses are better to handle customer service functions and can provide instant support via voice, mobile app, instant messaging, SMS or website. Chatbots would respond in a very quick manner that would handle customer efficiently and politely, improving customer satisfaction along the way.

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