We offer 2 days Fiber optics course that is composed of 25% fiber theory and 75% hands on training. We believe in getting you involved and acquainted with the tools you need to be able to work successfully in the industry. Our hands-on training was specifically designed to create fast retention and to quickly build your skill level.




The purpose of this training is to learn data installation with fiber cabling. By the completion of the course, the participants can perform fiber installations, including selecting and installing the proper fiber types and terminations. Participants will organize documents and perform tests to monitor the fiber installation. In addition, each participant will perform loss calculations in fiber installations.




Introduction to Fiber Optics
History and Future of Fiber Optics Networking
Fiber to the Desk
Fiber to the Home
Fiber Optics Networking
Fiber Optics Safety
Hands-on Training
Fiber Optics Networking Standards
FOA - CFOT Certification
Fiber Optics Cable and Connector Identification
Outside Plant Cable Introduction


Hands-on Training Continues
Termination of Fiber Connector
Splicing (Mechanical & Fusion)
Design & Installation of Fiber Cabling
Introduction to Splicing
Hands-on Training Continues
Termination & Testing
Introduction to Basic OTDR Functions
Use of Power Meter and Light Source Functions
Continuity Testing,Tools and Equipment
Results & Review, Conclusion FOA